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White Fox

The Objective:

Serve chocolate covered strawberries to guests at White Fox's gifting suite.

Event Overview:

The Cart Collective had the pleasure of executing a chocolate strawberries treat cart at the top floor showroom of the Bendix building in downtown Los Angeles. White Fox, known for its chic and trend-setting apparel, sought to elevate the shopping experience for its guests by incorporating our delectable offerings.

Viral Food Trend Delight:

White Fox requested that we serve the viral food trend of pouring warm chocolate over freshly cut strawberries. This interactive and indulgent experience captivated guests, who eagerly recorded the Instagram-worthy pour of chocolate over the plump and juicy strawberries.

Serving Indulgence to Delight Guests:

Throughout the day, we had the pleasure of serving over 150 guests, each one indulging in the irresistible combination of rich chocolate and sweet strawberries. The sensory experience of watching the chocolate cascade over the fruit added an element of delight to the gifting suite atmosphere.

Elevating the Shopping Experience:

White Fox utilized our services to enhance the overall shopping experience for their guests. By offering a unique and indulgent treat, they not only satisfied their guests' sweet cravings but also created memorable moments that aligned perfectly with their brand image.

Services Provided:

Chocolate Strawberries

Custom Branded Cups

Custom Branded Cart

White Treat Cart with Umbrella

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