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Innbeauty at Sephora

The Objective:

Give custom branded popsicles to guests in the Sephora store at The Americana at Brand.

Event Overview:

InBeauty Skincare, a leading name in the beauty industry, approached us to create a fun brand activation event at Sephora's prestigious location in Glendale. The goal was to engage shoppers, promote their new product launch, and leave a lasting impression on guests.

Drawing Attention with Custom Treats:

Our dessert cart served as the centerpiece of the brand activation, drawing attention with its vibrant design and irresistible treats. In collaboration with InBeauty Skincare, the cart was completely wrapped in a design that mirrored the aesthetic of their new product launch, creating a cohesive and eye-catching display.

Indulging Guests with Branded Popsicles:

To treat guests and promote their skincare line, InBeauty Skincare provided branded popsicles, adding a touch of sweetness to the event. Each popsicle was adorned with the InBeauty logo, reinforcing brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Creating Memorable Experiences:

The brand activation event at Sephora's Americana location was a resounding success, thanks to the collaboration between InBeauty Skincare and The Cart Collective. Guests were delighted by the interactive experience of indulging in branded popsicles while learning about InBeauty's new product offerings.

Services Provided:


Custom Branded Cart

Ice Cream Cart

Custom Branded Wrappers

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