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NFL on Fox

NFL on Fox
The Objective:

Serve Fox NFL Sunday employees during their production.

Event Overview:

The Cart Collective had the pleasure of executing two mobile dessert carts outside the FOX NFL Sunday studios. The goal was clear – to infuse a sense of joy and appreciation into the employees' Sunday treats. Our carts were strategically set up to provide unique and delightful treats during their breaks.

Custom Treats for Employee Delight:
One of the highlights of the event was our freshly baked poptarts, a treat that resonated well with the FOX NFL Sunday team. The chocolate espresso poptarts became an instant hit, adding a sweet touch to the employees' day.
For those looking for a cleaner option, we offered a refreshing spinach orange guava agua fresca blend. This clean and invigorating beverage choice was crafted with no artificial flavors or added sugars, aligning with the company's commitment to employee well-being.

Branded Agua Fresca for a Personalized Touch:
To make the event even more special, the agua fresca was customized with the FOX NFL Sunday logo. This branded touch not only added a personalized element to the treats but also showcased a commitment to brand activation even in the smallest details.

Sunday Treats as Employee Appreciation:
The treats served were not just about satisfying sweet cravings; they were an expression of employee appreciation. The company's Sunday treats have become a tradition, a time for employees to unwind and feel valued. The Cart Collective was honored to contribute to this culture of appreciation by providing unique and delightful treats for the FOX NFL Sunday team.

Services Provided:

Agua Fresca


Custom Branded Labels

White Treat Cart with Umbrella

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