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Away Luggage

The Objective:

Serve popsicles to guests at Away's pop up in Venice Beach, CA.

Event Overview:

Superfly curated an out-of-this-world experience for Away's "Extraordinary is Out There" campaign, held at The Brig in Venice Beach, CA. Attendees were invited to embark on a journey through an AI dreamscape activation, where they could witness their visions of surreal scenery brought to life. As guests awaited their turn to create their AI dreamscape, they were treated to a delightful surprise from The Cart Collective.

Adding Sweetness to the Experience:

Our customized dessert cart, perfectly aligned with Away's branding, served as an interactive element for guests to enjoy while they waited in line. Each guest was treated to a refreshing popsicle, providing a moment of indulgence and enjoyment amidst the immersive experience.

Enhancing Brand Presence:

The Cart Collective's collaboration with Superfly and Away exemplifies the power of strategic brand activations. By incorporating our customized dessert cart into the event, Away was able to strengthen its brand presence and create a memorable experience that resonated with attendees long after the event concluded.

Services Provided:


Custom Branded Cart

Ice Cream Cart

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